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  • electrospin2024@agh.edu.pl
  • Kraków, Poland

Vigneswari Sevakumaran


Vigneswari Sevakumaran is a senior lecturer from Institute of Climate Adaptation and Marine Biotechnology, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. Her main research interest is bacterial polymer-polyhydroxyalkanoates.  She works on fabrication of biodegradable polymers mainly using electrospinning techniques to promote increased cell biomaterial interaction for biomedical applications. She and her team have won numerous awards for their innovations using electrospinning techniques which includes ReCo, and CardiPatch. Due to her excellent contributions, she managed to obtain several awards and achievements such as Southeast Asian Women in Science 2021, Academic Fellow of USM, National University of Singapore (NUS) Fellowship Southeast Asia 2020 and Young Scientist Medal 2017 by IAAM Sweden.