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Martina Roso

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Martina Roso is currently Associate Professor at University of Padova, where she has gained many years of experience in the field of ES-EHDA techniques. Since 2009 she deals with the design and development of multi-layered nanostructured membranes for environmental and biomedical applications. The study of photoxidation reactions and modelling of chemical reaction kinetics, the process optimization by Design of Experiments (DoE) and the evaluation of the process parameter effects are just few aspects covered by her research activity, along with the in-depth study of several characterization techniques. She was awarded with three National Prize for Innovation in 2008 and 2009 and she has established in 2010 a start-up company on the R&D of innovative products based on nanofibers and nanoparticles. The research activity in the cosmetic field has recently earned it six patents where she is one of the inventors. In her academic career of 14 years, Dr.Martina Roso is author of more than 55 peer reviewed papers on Q1 journals, with more than 1038 citations and H-index 19. With respect to the academic teaching, she is in charge for three courses within the Bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Materials Engineering and the Master’s degree in Chemical and Process Engineering, with the supervision of more than 40 master’s degree projects and three PhD students.