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Karen De Clerck

Karen De Clerck is Full Professor and leads the Centre for Textile Science and Engineering (CTSE) at Ghent University, Belgium. CTSE is dedicated to education, research and services to industry with a focus on innovative fiber and textile based materials. Karen De Clerck is an expert in advanced fibrous materials with expertise built on fiber material characterization, production and modification towards advanced applications. Key expertise is centered around nanofiber materials via electrospinning with pioneering work on a range of applications such as colour changing nanofiber sensors, filtration and separation processes, composite toughening, etc

Karen De Clerck is author of about 150 WoS indexed publications in mainly first quartile ranked and mostly top 5% or top 10% ranked journals and 150+ conference contributions. Publications include contributions in journals such as Nature Materials, Nature Communications, Science Advances and Advanced Functional Materials with numerous cover highlighted manuscripts.