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Il-Doo Kim


Il-Doo Kim is Chair Professor of Department of Materials Science and Engineering at KAIST and Director of the Membrane Innovation Center for KAIST Institute. He received Ph. D degree from KAIST (2002). He was a postdoc. Fellow at MIT (Prof. Harry L. Tuller group). Prof. Il-Doo Kim’s research group is dedicated to developing novel methods of synthesizing various organic/inorganic nanofiber materials that are optimized for use in ultra-sensitive chemical sensors, including those used for detection of environmental hazardous gases and for breath gas analysis to diagnosis diseases. Additionally, the group focuses on high performance energy storage devices that utilize nanofiber-shaped materials including catalyst-functionalized carbon electrodes, multi-elemental catalysts-loaded metal oxide fibers, and separators as well as new energy harvesting system based on transpiration driven eletrokinetic power generation. Up to date, Prof. Kim has published over 386 articles (including 62 cove-featured papers), 5 book chapters, and holds 240 international patents. Moreover, a number of patents related to nanofiber synthesis and applications have been successfully licensed to 12 companies. Prof. Kim has been received numerous prestigious awards. Recent selected awards include the KAIST Grand Research Prize (2022), KAIST Grand Prize in International Cooperation (2021), Qian Baojun Young Scholar Fiber Award (2019 China, Donghua University). The Scientist of The Year from Korean Journalists (2019), Korea 10 Nanotechnology Award (2019), 2018 National R&D Excellence 100 Selection (Grand Prize, 2018), Songok Science Award (2018), KAIST Technology Innovation Grand Prize 2017. Presidential Commendation (National industrial development through invention promotion, 2017). Prof. Kim currently serves as an Associate Editor of the ACS Nano. He is a fellow of Korea Academy of Science and Technology (KAST).