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Ang Bee Chin


Ang Bee Chin completed her Ph.D in year 2011 at the Universiti Malaya, Malaysia. She was the fellowship holder in Universiti Malaya and currently served as a Professor in Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. She obtained her Chartered Engineer (CEng) in year 2014 under Institution of Mechanical Engineers, United Kingdom and Professional Engineer (Ir.) in year 2016 under the Board of Engineers, Malaysia. She published more than 90 high impact papers in her field. Her research interest includes the synthesis and application of nanoparticles, nanocomposites, nanofiber and materials characterization. Currently, she is concentrating in developing a polymer based nanofibrous membrane embedded with nanoparticles for waste water treatment and bio-medical applications. She is the key person in organizing international and national events such as conferences, symposia, seminars and competition for the past few years. In addition, she is currently serving as Exco member in the Materials Division Technical Division under the Institute of Engineer, Malaysia.  Ir. Dr. Ang has won awards at numerous international/national exhibitions pertaining to her research work.