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Amanda Kennell

Image - A. Kennell

Amanda Kennell is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Troy University in the Department of Chemistry and Physics.  After receiving her bachelors in physics along with a concentration in biology, she obtained a multifaceted PhD in physics with a concentration in material science from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 

During the time of her PhD, Dr. Kennell trained a diverse range of twenty students from different backgrounds and country’s on various research projects not always synonymous to her research field.

Her main research focus is the development process of novel nanofibrous biomaterials through alternating current electrospinning and their application in investigation and industry.  Another research focus is a study of the complex electrohydrodynamic technique created during alternating current electrospinning while fabricate nanofibers. Dr. Kennell’s interdisciplinary background allows her to be multifaceted in her research approaches and endeavors.