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Agnieszka Piegat


Agnieszka Piegat, a dedicated researcher, possesses extensive knowledge in the field of polymer science, specializing in polymer synthesis, characterization, and modification. Her research interests are focused on various areas, including: (i) Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured composites for heart tissue engineering: Dr. Piegat is actively involved in the development of advanced materials that possess nanostructured properties, aiming to create innovative solutions for tissue engineering applications; (ii) development of novel bio-based, biodegradable polymers for medical device packaging and components, using renewable monomers, green chemistry techniques and alternative processing methods; (iii) modification of natural polymers for controlled drug delivery systems: Dr. Piegat investigates the modification of natural polymers to enhance their capabilities for controlled drug delivery. This research area aims to develop efficient and targeted drug delivery systems that can be used in various medical applications; (iv) conducting studies on polymer degradation, specifically biodegradation and susceptibility to calcification of blood contacting materials: She conducts in-depth investigations into the degradation of polymers, focusing on their biodegradability and susceptibility to calcification when in contact with blood. This research has significant implications for the development of biocompatible materials used in medical devices and implants.

Dr. Piegat has made notable contributions to six biomaterials research projects, both at the national and international level. Furthermore, she has successfully led the prestigious Polish LIDER Program project titled „Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional polymeric systems for defined drug delivery”. In addition to her project contributions, Dr. Piegat has co-authored 29 papers, showcasing her collaborative approach in disseminating research findings.